First International Conference of Automotive Suppliers on Supply Localization

Moscow, 24 - 25 August 1998
Full Support, Participation & Sponsorship

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Moderator - Elen Meder, President, EVRA International, Inc. - Initiator and Official Organiser of the Conference
Chairman - Bo Andersson, Vice President, GM Worldwide Purchasing-European Supply Organization  
Session One: VIP´s Presentations 
GM Business Activities at RNS Market Place. General Overview
David Herman, Vice President for RNS, General Motors Corp.

Worldwide Purchasing Initiatives Regarding Development of GM Business at RNS Market Place.  General Overview
Bo Andersson, Vice President, GM Worldwide Purchasing-European Supply Organization. Chairman of the Conference

RF Government Legislative Documents Related to the Presidential Decree "On Additional Actions to Attract Investments for Development of the Domestic Automotive Industry"
Sergei Mitin, Deputy Minister, RF Ministry of Economy

GM Local Suppliers Base and Localization Program
Hans Steinhauer, Director of Purchasing, Purchasing RNS Organization

Activities of Automotive Suppliers Association
Anatoly Morozov,  RF State Duma Deputy, President of Automotive Suppliers´ Association
Session Two: GM Requirements/RNS Automobile Makers Experiences (Part I) Supply Quality Requirements
Kevin Williams, Director, Supplier Quality, GM European Supply Organization

Development of AvtoVAZ Supplier Base
Vladimir Peresypkinski, Chief Product Engineer, AvtoVAZ

ELAZ-GM Operations and Supply Localization Program
Victor Gers, Project Manager, GM do Brazil and Axel Schmidt, Manufacturing Manager, ELAZ-GM Corporation

Session Three: Suppliers` Presentations. (Part I)
Chemitall GmbH a company of the Dynamit-Nobel-Group
Helmut Schümichen, Managing Director

Oswald von Rességuier, General Sales Manager

KEMIRA Metalkat OY
Reijo Lylykangas, Vice President

Findlay Industries Polska Sp.z.o.o.
Tadeuzs Wojnowski, Managing Director

Johnson Controls Automotive
Jeff Edwards, Vice President

Magneti Marelli
Guisepe Tartaglione, Managing Director

Session Four:     GM Requirements/RNS Automobile Makers Experiences (Part II)
Supplier Development Activities
Darius Polyfka, Purchasing Manager, Purchasing RNS Organization

ELAZ Localization Initiatives
Ravil Zaripov, General Director, ELAZ

Development of Supplier Base and Localization Program
Alexey Kiselev, Technical Director, AvtoGAZ

Automotive Industry of Uzbekistan and Supply Localization Program
Kudrat Parpiev, Chairman, UZ-Daewoo Auto Co, Uzbekistan

AvtoZAZ-Daewoo Supply Localization Program
Oleg Papashev, Technical Director, AvtoZAZ-Daewoo, Ukraine 

Session Five: Experiences of Western Suppliers Operating in Local Market Place
KIA-Baltica Supply Localization Program
Valery Sokolov, Chairman, Avtotor

Operational Experience and Supply Program
Michael Kalyaev,  Manager, Packard Electric Systems-Samara Cable, Delphi Group

Operational Experience and Supply Program           
Vladimir Fomin, Director, Robert Bosch-Ryazan

Operational Experience and Supply Program
Alexander Korneichuk, Director, Autoliv-Dubna

Session Six: Suppliers` Presentations (Part II)
ABA Polska
Harald Kruger, Area Manager

Irausa Deutschland GmbH
Antonio Augusto, Key Account Manager

Ficosa International
Javier Pujol Artigas,  Managing Director

Bakony Müvek Ltd
Roland Palkó, Consultant

HLS Engineering & Consulting
Günter Arztmiller, Export Manager

Chairman´s  Closing Remarks - Bo Andersson, Vice President, GM Worldwide Purchasing-European Supply Organization
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